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Why Choose Royal Crown As Your International Private High School

Why Choose Royal Crown As Your International Private High School

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Royal Crown Academic School is a private high school Toronto that makes part of the Royal Group of Schools. If you are searching for a school for international students, then this is the place for you. There are several reasons why you should choose Royal Crown as your school.

It is registered with Ontario Ministry of Education. It is a great place to school for the following reasons:


Royal Crown Academic School is located at an intersection of Bayview and Sheppard Avenue. This makes the school accessible to downtown, the airport, bus station and the subway. The location provides convenience when looking to access the school. It also offers a great opportunity for international students looking to explore the Toronto area.

Diversity in population and campus life

As a private international high school Toronto, Royal Crown is open to both the local and international students from all over the globe. This creates a multi-cultural setting which serves for rich exchanges and experiences in the school. It provides great exposure to students in terms of cultural diversity and how to communicate and co-exist with different cultures. There is also a rich and varied campus life that includes field trips to help international students fully experience the North American culture.

Success rate

Royal Crown Academic School has had an incredible success rate at nurturing students and facilitating their enrollment at top universities in the world. The school boasts a 100% success rate and has seen its students being accepted to top universities of their choice in Canada, US, Australia, the U.K and others. Many of the students from the school have also earned scholarships thanks to their outstanding grades and test scores.

Tailored programs

Royal Crown Academic School provides students with an individualized learning experience. Using the semester and credit system, students choose programs and levels according to their learning capacity and interests. Students can only choose 2-3 courses which enable higher focus and in depth understanding of the subject. The school emphasizes on developing personalized learning systems with special attention paid to Mathematics and English.
The individualized learning plans allow for easy monitoring of each student’s individual needs and interests. This enables the course instructors to target universities and career choices that match each student. This allows for better personal growth for the student as well as success when seeking the universities admission.

Great credit system

The Royal Crown Academic School uses a credits system that allows students to move forward to a level of each course in the credit system that fits them best. Based on their progress in each individual course, the students are able to attend courses of different grades in any semester.

Development of foundational skills

This private school Toronto places great emphasis on research, independent thinking, data analysis, great communication and public speaking skills and other foundational skills that are crucial for a student’s success at university and career. There are several leadership programs and the teaching facilitates and fosters exchange of ideas between the teachers and students.

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