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At Royal Crown Academic School, we are known for our high standards of academic achievement and we focus on ensuring that each and every one of our students achieves his or her personal goals set for university and beyond. Our dedicated teachers provide our students with the tools they need to think critically and independently, to approach complex issues and problems with a clear perspective and to become passionate learners that are ready to take on the world. Our academic programs are designed for a specific number of students, so that every one of them can receive the personalize attention they need to succeed.

At Royal Crown Academic School, our teaching philosophy is quite different than anyone else’s. It is why we have been able to achieve exceptionally high university acceptance rates and instil everlasting confidence in our students that they will carry with them throughout their lifetimes:

Balanced Curriculum

We believe in a balanced curriculum that not only builds strong academic skills, but also develops life skills. This rigorous curriculum follows – or exceeds – the expectations of the Ontario Ministry of Education, one of the most respected educational bodies in the world.

A Safe Environment

We understand that it is critical for students to feel safe and valued in order to unlock their full potential and become creative, caring, thoughtful people. Our inspiring teachers play a vital role in our students’ lives. They model the power of knowledge and foster a love of learning.
RCAS Students

Semester Program

We realize it is important to help our students achieve a depth of understanding. Each Royal Crown student can choose to take only 2-3 courses per semester, allowing them to truly master the subject and avoid unnecessary stress. They earn credits as soon as they complete each course and are able to move forward to the most suitable level for them.

Foundational Learning

We know that foundational-style learning works best to prepare students. We emphasize research, independent thinking, data analysis, report composition, communication and public speaking, all skills that are required for students to succeed in university and throughout their careers.

Ongoing Evaluation

We believe that students should be evaluated regularly to assess what they have learned. Our assignments and final exams are weighted 70% and 30% of overall grading respectively. This ensures that students value what they learn in class and absorb the material rather than simply memorize information to pass exams.

Teaching Tailored To The Individual

We are committed to providing an individualized learning approach. We continually monitor every one of our student’s individual needs and interests and help them choose and schedule their courses. This approach enables us to effectively target the universities and career fields that are best suited for each student, helping us to guarantee their success in university admittance.
International Student University Preparation

Focus On The English Language

As an international private boarding school, we recognize the importance of our students having a mastery of the English language. English tutoring is available for students who need it, ensuring that all students meet the literacy requirement for graduation and success at university.
Royal Crown School – Study Visa

Our curriculum prepares our students for success at university and beyond.

There are broad range of Ontario Ministry of Education approved courses that enable students to obtain an Ontario High School Diploma and the prerequisite requirements for acceptance into the University program of their choice.

We offer the following programs: English as a second language (ESL), Mathematics, Science, Visual Art, Business, Computer Studies, Canadian and World Studies, Academic English, Social Sciences and Humanities, Guidance and Career Education, French as a second language, International Languages and even a Pre-Medical Program. For more information on courses, contact us. Link goes to Contact Us page.

Rigorous Academics

Royal Crown teachers work tirelessly year after year toward the education and enrichment of our students. They are dedicated professionals who truly love teaching and being part of our students’ transition into university and beyond.

We encourage ongoing professional development that will move our teachers forward, while ensuring that they strongly maintain our vision and core values. And can you name another international school that can boast that 64% of our teachers have a Master’s degree or PhD?

Royal Crown teachers foster a love of learning. They proactively identify what learning style works best for each student and tailor their methods accordingly.

Our teachers use assessment tools to ensure our students are always on track. Additionally, they play an active role in our student’s lives beyond the classroom, serving as advisors to help them achieve life skills and personal growth.

Royal Crown focuses on helping all of our students succeed within our academic system. That includes students that we have identified as those requiring additional help.

We provide our students with the dynamic support they need to truly expand their capabilities.

Our Academic Support Program includes subject tutors and teachers, student mentors and peer tutors.

We even have tutors available at our residences.

Our Academic Support Program is yet another reason why we have been able to achieve a 100% graduation rate with many of our students receiving early acceptance, scholarships and multiple admissions offers.

Royal Crown offers ESL courses for international students – for all levels from beginner to advanced. Our course instructors have years of experience and our classes are capped at 10 students. Students attend ESL classes 25 hours per week.

Students can make ESL classes part of their regular class schedule. They prepare students for high school, university and beyond. Our ESL classes can also help prepare students for the IELTS test.

English As A Second Language

Royal Crown is the only high school in Canada with a Nike Basketball Program integrated right into it. Led by world-renowned coach Dwayne Washington, the program currently has 40 elite players who attend classes at the school and play in famous tournaments such as The Geico Nationals held in New York City.

Many of these student athletes (young men and women) are Team Canada members and are some of the most sought-after high school basketball players in the world.

We provide these student athletes with academic knowledge and life skills they will need to prosper in today’s challenging and competitive world.

Our athletes enjoy the complete 360° Royal Crown campus experience. They live, take classes and enjoy extracurriculars with our general student population. In turn, our non-athletes have the opportunity to dwell beside players that are following in the footsteps of NBA superstars such as OKC Thunders’ Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and New York Knicks R.J. Barrett who were schooled in the game by Coach Washington.

Royal Crown School Sports

The university preparation process begins immediately after a student enters Royal Crown.

A guidance counsellor will work with them to develop a Post-Secondary Pathway, that serves as a roadmap putting them on path they need to follow to achieve their university goal.
Students will learn what courses they need to take and what grades they will require. Each year, the counsellor will meet with the student to determine whether they are on the right track or if any changes need to be made.

The university application process begins in the Fall of Grade 12. Guidance is on top of all stages and parents are kept abreast of all activities, every step of the way.

Thanks to the solid relationships that have been established between Royal Crown Guidance and the admissions departments at major universities, our students are recruited by top schools.

RCAS Learning Process
Royal Crown School Graduation

Early October

  • Leading universities from Canada, U.S. and Europe visit Royal Crown for our School Fair where recruiters meet with students
  • Students meet with guidance counsellors to build timetables/study plans
  • Students meet with guidance to begin their university research

Mid-October To Mid-November

  • Guidance conducts university applications seminar in school
  • Formal application process begins
  • Supplementary applications seminars are held
  • Students meet weekly with guidance to chart progress
  • University recruiters meet on-on-one with students

Mid-November To Mid-December

  • Application process continues
  • Meetings with guidance continue
  • Guidance recommends sending IELTS scores in December
  • Guidance helps students with supplementary applications
  • University recruiters meet on-on-one with students
  • University applications are completed


  • IELTS are completed and sent to universities
  • Supplementary applications continue to be completed
  • Guidance emails any additional documentation required by universities


  • Final deadline for IELTS scores to be sent to universities
  • Guidance emails any additional documentation required by universities

March To May

  • Students continue to take IELTS if requirements have not been achieved
  • Guidance emails any additional documentation required by universities


  • Final deadline to accept university offers
  • Final deadline to make deposit payments to university
  • Guidance ensures that all volunteer hours are complete
  • If unsuccessful in passing the Literacy, test students must sign up for a new one.

Universities By Region

Canada – 72%
U.S. – 2%
Overseas – 26%

Canadian Universities

“University of Toronto Rotman School of Business”, “Waterloo”, “Western”, “McMaster”, “Queen’s”, “York”, “Ryerson”, “OCAD”, “McGill”, “Concordia”, “University of Alberta”, “University of Calgary”, “UBC”, “Simon Fraser University”, “Victoria University”, “Dalhousie”

By Program of Study

Science – 36%
Business – 30%
Liberal Arts – 29%
Fine Arts – 4%
Others – 1%