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Choosing a school for your child is one of the most challenging tasks that you have to undertake as a parent. It can be overwhelming when you are faced with more than a couple of choices and you are unable to have one final all-comfortable choice. While choosing a school can be the final step, the first will likely be whether to choose a private high school Toronto or public school for your child. None of them is better or worse, but a great move would be to look at the benefits of each and then you can know what is best for your child.

Private Schools Benefits

  • Have a good reputation in global higher education most having 100 percent students joining their first choice universities.
  • Increased parents involvement in childs education.
  • Classes are smaller as they try to increase student-teacher one-on-one contact which basically improves the child academically. In public schools, most classrooms are overcrowded and this decreases the chance of a student getting the extra attention needed in academics.
  • Many private high schoolsoffer international exchange programs, coed or even single-gender schools and also special needs schools.
  • They have excellent co-curricular activities such as arts, sports, clubs, and music that public schools cannot match.
  • Teachers are more dedicated since they are under supervision and strict contract provisions by the employer.
  • Since they are not dependent on the government finances, they have more freedom in curriculum design and general governance.
  • Most private schools are highly equipped with IT programs that help in more innovation.
  • There is more bureaucracy that leads to more advanced programs and positive change at the institution.
  • Increased parental involvement greatly influences the child educational progress and discipline.
  • Increased competition among students.
  • Most private schools meet and even in some cases, exceed provincial and national educations standards, so you are sure that your child is getting a quality education in a quality environment that does not affect thehealth of your child.

Public School Benefits

  • Cost effective: Public schools in Canada are free, paid for by the government via the peoples tax. So if you have financial problems, your child is still going to get an education, unlike private schools where you will have to pay for your child to be in class. Private schools are costly and may not be affordable to most families.
  • They also offer specialized courses just like private schools such as special needs, arts etc.
  • Your child is most likely to be exposed to a wider range of different people because public schools dont make prospective students to undergo interviews so as to get admissions.
  • Public schools are generally not selective hence no hassle to get into, unlike private schools that are very selective.
  • Top public schools may be well equipped and that would benefit the childs education and innovation.

There are good private and good public schools. The most critical thing is to find a school that will provide your child with anexcellent educational foundation for future education, career, and personal success.

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