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COVID-19 UPDATE: Health and Safety Information

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Royal Crown Academic School continues to operate and provide a high-quality education for students from around the world during the global crisis we are experiencing. In addition to the normal procedures (face mask, plexiglass, cleaning protocol etc.), we have taken steps further to improve on our facility and protocol by adding:

  • Thermal Camera with facial recognition – our main lobby camera will not only test for temperature but also remind the guests to wear their mask if it is not on.
  • Brand new HEPA Filters throughout entire facility
  • Nursing room has been implemented and a school nurse available for our students
  • Buffet style lunch program has now been changed to packed meals. All meals are packed in microwavable containers.
  • Royal Crown school bus is only available used for our students

Update – July 2, 2020

We have completed our Semester 5 June classes and are starting our July Summer classes. Students continue to be engaged through our virtual classrooms and led each day LIVE by our teachers.

Learning in a virtual classroom takes some getting used to and students need to be responsible learners to be successful. To help students be successful here are some tips:

  • Attend every scheduled class, on time.
  • Actively participate in the Zoom classroom, interacting with your teacher and classmates.
  • Know when assignments are due and when tests are scheduled and ensure that you submit them on time and are prepared for tests.
  • Use the conferencing feature or meet teachers online during their support sessions to ask questions and get clarification about subject content, concepts, or assignment expectations.

Study Permit

If you need to extend your Study Permit please contact our China, office, your preferred agent, or contact RCAS office staff directly for documentation (School Letter etc.). We are open and able to get you the necessary documents.

Compliance with study permit conditions

As a consequence of COVID-19, students who were studying in Canada prior to March 18, 2020 or whose programs of study began in May or June 2020 and whose programs of study are temporarily shifted to an online format will still be considered compliant with their study permit conditions if they remain enrolled at their DLI and continue to actively pursue their studies online.(

Returning Students

Students that left Canada and will be returning for August need to be aware of a MANDATORY 14-day Quarantine. They should plan to arrive two weeks prior to school start (August 11). Students arriving should go directly to their residence. If you require private transportation, please contact us so that we can arrange. Once at your residence, staff and your guidance counsellor will provide you all the necessary information and support with respect to your quarantine.

Students that are not able to return on time should contact their Guidance Counsellor and inform them of their status. If students need to begin classes online, we can arrange a schedule to ensure that they do not miss any lessons.

New Students

New students that are unable to arrive in Canada for the start of classes should contact our China office, their preferred agent, or RCAS office staff directly to update us on their status. If it is necessary to begin their learning online, we will arrange a schedule to accommodate their school start and not miss any class time.

In Conclusion…

This newsletter reflects the current COVID-19 information that we possess at this time. The global situation is constantly evolving, and we will continue to monitor and incorporate the recommendations from the various levels of government and health departments. Our priority continues to be the safety of students and staff in creating a learning environment for success.

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