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Canada is one of the leading countries of origin for internationals students enrolled in American universities and colleges. Graduates from a school for international students consider the USA among the first locations for studying. This just increases the competing pool for the very minimal opportunities available in the respective USA universities.

Students from a private high school Toronto are just among many world over seeking to get learning opportunities in the US. The situation is made more competitive by the few slots available as many US universities tend to limit the international student enrollment to about 10% of the overall class.
The US admission process is more complex with various qualifications and tests required compared to the Canadian university admission process.

Private school Toronto students and the parents need to follow the tips below for higher chances of getting admitted to universities in the US.

1.Conduct a thorough research of universities

The US has about 3,000 4-year colleges. There is greater variety in sizes, location and courses offered when compared to the Canadian situation with 90 universities and 150 colleges. A good research will take you to reputable institutions whose slots are not subject to a fierce competition. Alongside this, research helps you determine whether the institution is right fit from its costs, culture and faculty. It also allows you to understand the campus which comes handy when submitting essays on why you want to join the university.

2.The US universities emphasize on whole academic performance and standardized tests

Unlike many Canadian universities, admission to US institutions largely focuses on all the four years of study not just the senior years. As a private international high school Toronto student, you should put in maximum effort from the first day. This boosts your chances of admission. Where the first and second year were not spectacular, you have a better chance if the curve shows improving scores not fluctuating ones.
There is also a greater need for applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores. Another requirement is the submission of essays and even school specific supplements. The answers to the essays and supplement material allows the university to know and vet you better. This is a big difference from the Canadian process. Prepare and practice and pick the right test for you between ACT and SAT.

3.Co-curricular involvement and recommendation letters

These are factors which have great importance in the US university admission process. Another such factor is demonstrated interest in joining the university. Get two co-curricular activities that interest you and stick to them. Make it a habit to volunteer and participate in community projects. Have two of your instructors who know you very well in several roles write for you recommendations. For demonstrated interest you will need to go to the campus on an official visit, meet the admissions office in person and even conduct interviews in person or Skype to stand out from other applicants.

4.Demonstrate and stress on your diverse background as it is one aspect US universities like adding to their classes.

5.If you can afford to pay full tuition and do not need financial help from the college, make this known to them as it increases chances of admission.

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