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10 Best Mathematics Tools for Private High School Students in Toronto

10 Best Mathematics Tools for High School Students

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Mathematics is one of the most critical subjects in school. Whether junior schools, high schools or even in colleges, mathematics is always viewed as a prestigious subject. It is highly rated over other subjects for different reasons. Those who do well in mathematics in international high school Canada, are viewed to be bright naturally. However, a high percentage of high school students view mathematics as a hard subject. And most of them refrain from tackling it and are satisfied with getting low grades in it.

After this discovery, most schools have tried to focus and put greater emphasis on mathematics. They have created extra classes for mathematics lessons, which most students are flocking in to try and see if their grades could be improved. Other students have even gone to an extent of hiring private tutors to help them in mathematics. This is no longer needed. The hassle has been relieved with new technology. Most teens have up to date digital phones and other electronic gadgets that they could help them in mathematics tackling. These tools also help teachers to flip the classrooms and engage student collaboration. These apps go above normal mathematics practice which prepares students for learning beyond high school.

There are several tools that are greatly suited for high school students needing some help with mathematics. These include:


This app is absolutely 100% free in your app store. It is personalized to make learning easy for each and every student. This app creates digital classrooms, that help students and teachers engage in educational activities. You have access to customized textbooks and you can even customize your textbooks. You will also be able to access study guidelines to quickly review concepts. It also helps you master concepts through regular practice.


The absolute mission of this app is to provide a free, world-class education to every student everywhere. You can learn anything in mathematics, and it is categorized in topics and also by grade. It boosts learning with a balance of focus freedom to explore.


It has a unique characteristic like having a massive cache of excellent mathematics simulations. PhET simulations are based on extensive education research. It engages students through an intuitive game-like environment where students learn through exploration and discovery.

4.ExploreLearning Gizmos

This builds deeps conceptual understanding that uses an inquiry-based approach to learning that has been validated by extensive research as a highly effective way to build conceptual understanding.

5.Cue Think

Its main mission is to make mathematics social. Its an innovative application and pedagogy focused on improving critical thinking skills and math collaboration for students.


Helps you explore mathematics in areas like graph functions, plot data, evaluate equations, and much more for free.


It helps you view mathematics dynamically for learning and teaching.


It helps you look at mathematics with a different perspective, and relate mathematics to the real world.

9.Virtual Nerd

Has got video lessons that cover mathematics of middle-grade classes. Students love videos as they are not boring as a real teacher on board.


It has questions that challenge even top students with adaptive mathematics and physics questions.

With all these great apps available, it is only a matter of time before mathematics becomes a favorite subject among many students who were previously struggling.

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